Here at Mackie we are passionate about the future and wellbeing of our environment, so much so that we make it one of our top priorities to ensure we are taking all the necessary steps to ensure our carbon footprint companywide is as small as can be. Working with the principles of the Environmental Management System (EMS) we are able to control the impact of our activities, products and service and their direct relationship with the environment.

Since joining with EMS we have been able to:

  • Convert all our cleaning supplies to environmentally friendly green products, which are certified by the USA Green Seal and Canadian Government Eco Logo organization.
  • Coordinating with many of our Vendors to ship products that are environmentally green as a primary source and partially green as the secondary source.
  • Recycle cardboard, wood pallets, toner cartridges, newsprint, bottles, and paper products.
  • An ongoing commitment to recycle any and all Styrofoam products that we deal with throughout the shipping process.
  • Coordinated a computer recycling program in 2008 with Target Plastics which is ISO 14001:2204 certified located in Ajax, Ontario.
  • At the Mackie Group our safety committee ensures we keep updated (MSDS) material safety data sheets and our warehouse employees are taught how to read and understand the information contained in (MSDS) and on labels.
  • Become involved in a waste recycling program with UPAK located in Pickering Ontario.
  • All products are then routed to various facilities for reuse or recycling amounting to an annual reduction of 1450 metric tons of landfill waste less than 5% garbage consumption.

Being that Mackie is a transportation company and we utilize vehicles that consume fuels our major focus has been on the way in which to reduce our emission on an ongoing basis. Mackie’s Fleet Program is proactive in sourcing ways to minimize the consumption of energy and emissions of greenhouse gases by purchasing new tractor vehicles with near zero emissions. As well we comply with the MOL bylaw by having all our over the road vehicles restricted to 105KPH on the highways and anti-idling cab A/C – Heat Systems. All fuel economy and idle percentages are monitored through our satellite system at our Fleet Services desk.

Mackie completed an (ERIP) Electricity Retrofit Incentive Program which allows us to benefit from energy-efficient technologies that preserves the hydro grid and improves our bottom line. We changed our complete warehouse lighting from a 400wt Medal Halide to T5 lighting with sensor units saving approximately 50% to 60% in electricity annually at our warehouse facilities in Mississauga and Oshawa.

As of May 2010 Mackie Group implemented a Single Stream Recycling Program with Waste Management Services enables us to consolidate our recycled waste into one waste bin and save between 50% – 70% landfill waste. Disposing more products for recycling or reuse, and improving the environment by using ecofriendly road salts, and lawn fertilizers / weed controls is mandatory policy for Mackie Group.


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The Mackie Group of companies has represented the highest standard of quality, professionalism and commitment to customer service since 1928.

Mackie Moving Systems provides moving services in Fredericton and throughout New Brunswick. We provide local, long distance, commercial, and office moves.

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Mackie Moving Systems provides local and long distance moving services in Fredericton and the throughout New Brunswick.

Mackie Moving Systems has been providing premium moving services for over 85 years and counting.